Insurance Coverage Lawsuits If you are legally entitled to benefits from an insurance company and they deny your claim, you may be able to file a Bad Faith lawsuit.

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It is the insurance company’s duty to act in good faith. Acting in good faith means that the insurance company must not look for ways to escape their obligation to investigate the claim or to pay the claimant.

Some common reasons insurance companies get sued for bad faith are:

Unwarranted denial of coverage
Not communicating pertinent information to the claimant
Not conducting a reasonable investigation of the claim
Refusing to pay a claim without investigating
Not denying or paying the claim within a reasonable period
Failing to confirm or deny coverage within a reasonable period
Not attempting to reach a fair settlement when liability is clear
Offering substantially less money to settle than the real value of the claim
Not entering into any negotiations for settlement of the claim
Non-responsive to a time-limit demand
Non-disclosure of policy limits

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