Construction Lawyers Construction is a complex process with many rules and regulations. Disputes about the contract, design, materials, or construction can sideline your project for weeks or months.

Our construction litigation attorneys handle all aspects of construction law—from the initial bidding on the project to the negotiation and formation of agreements and contracts, to dispute litigation.

Common Construction Law Issues

The most common construction issues individuals and companies face are those dealing with building code enforcement, contract breaches, contract drafting, liens and zoning disputes. Conflicts can also arise about the design, materials or construction of residential or commercial property.

Often, the only way to resolve such disputes is through litigation. Our construction litigation lawyers know how to deal with high-stakes cases and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, so you can get on with your project.

Sperline Raekes handles all aspects of construction disputes including:

  • Negotiations
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Litigation
  • Appeal

Our firm represents general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, design professionals and suppliers involved in both public and private construction projects. We represent clients in business formation, litigation and real estate transactions, providing clients comprehensive legal services in one place.

Timing in Construction Litigation Cases

In Washington state, if litigation involves construction defects, the case must be brought within the statute of repose, which is six years from “substantial completion or termination of services.” If the defect is discovered after the six-year timeframe, a claim cannot be brought; however, it’s not always easy to determine when “substantial completion or termination of services” occurred. Sperline Raekes construction attorneys can help you understand your options and how the statue of repose might affect your case.

Sperline Raekes’ reputable construction litigation attorneys represent clients in the public and private sectors in matters of construction law and litigation, providing a full-range of construction law services including:

  • Construction contracts and subcontracts

  • Architectural and engineering contracts

  • Construction liens

  • Financing agreements

  • Acceleration and delay claims

  • Non-payment

  • Suspension or termination of work

  • Design professional defense

  • Defective work claims

  • Liquidated damages claims and defense

  • Insurance bad faith claims

Our experienced attorneys can help you understand your options and build a compelling argument in support of your case.