Real Estate Lawyers Neighborly land-use disputes, regional environmental regulations, and land sales and acquisitions can be tricky, leaving you feeling as though your hands are tied.

Legal concerns and questions often arise when entering into a real estate venture. Sperline Raekes real estate attorneys help clients navigate the complex issues that can be a part of land acquisition or sale.

Real Estate Lawyer Roles

Real estate lawyers fulfill many roles including drafting and revising all documents and contracts required in real estate transactions. This helps to ensure they follow legal principles and benefit the client. Real estate attorneys also help their clients with the more complex situations that require in-depth real estate knowledge and expertise such as:

  • Establishing the legal entity

    Common real estate disputes that may lead to litigation include disagreements between neighbors; real estate transactions gone wrong; disputes between the broker, seller, and buyer; property rights issues; boundary disputes; and landlord/tenant issues.

  • Commercial real estate issues and disputes

    Commercial real estate disputes are often centered around breach of contract, real estate fraud, co-owner disputes and contractor litigation.

  • Landlord/tenant issues

    Landlords often utilize real estate attorneys to help them stay in compliance with the law, draft legal agreements that minimize the risk of litigation, draft lease agreements, confront hazardous property conditions and execute eviction proceedings.

  • Home loan default

    Deciding to default on a home loan should never be taken lightly and considered only after consulting a real estate attorney to fully understand how a mortgage loan default will affect you now and in the future.

Sperline Raekes provides real estate legal representation to:

  • Lenders
  • Service providers
  • Industrial developers
  • Multi- and single-family residential developers
  • Retail owners and developers
  • Property managers

Real estate law governs who may own and use the land.

This simple concept includes a wide range of different legal disciplines. Sperline Raekes attorneys have the experience and legal expertise with the highly complex ins and outs of real estate activities centering on:

  • Sales and acquisitions

  • Titles

  • Land use

  • Environmental regulations

  • Development

  • Leasing

  • Finance

  • Joint ventures

  • Restructuring and workouts

  • Litigation

Real estate dealings and disputes can be complex.

We will help bring clarity and resolution to the multiple facets of real estate development and sales.