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Attorney at Law

Jeff sees being a lawyer as the unique opportunity to extend a helping hand to his clients to get them through tough times in their lives, making things right again.



Attorney at Law

John’s passion is helping guide his clients through the legal maze designed to prevent accident victims from focusing on healing and getting the compensation they deserve.


We’re honored to do the important work of representing our clients, often after a serious accident or injury. We define success through our client’s satisfaction. We value these special working relationships and take pride in what our clients say about us.

"Mediation can be very challenging when balancing legal advice with the client along with the stresses of the personalities and emotions of the different parties involved. Jeff's strength was being able to tell you what you need to know and hear instead of what you want to hear."


“John Raekes is absolutely one of the best attorneys I could recommend to anyone. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He has an honest, down to earth demeanor, which is perfect in a stressful situation.”  


 “My wife and I were in a horrible accident. Our lives changed forever when I could no longer care for myself due to my injuries. Jeff was the silver lining. He was easy to talk with and explained everything. He cared first and foremost about doing all that was possible to make sure I would have the money needed to meet my daily care needs going forward. Jeff was nothing short of a blessing.”


Justice Scales

You can be sure the insurance company will have an experienced team on their side.

Put our experienced team to work for you.

We are experienced trial lawyers with extensive expertise in the insurance industry. We know how they approach every scenario because we used to work there. Put our insider knowledge to work on your case and you won't be disappointed.

When you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident, Sperline Raekes Law will provide the sound advice you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Let our unequaled knowledge of the insurance industry work for you.