Given Governor Inslee’s Stay at Home Order, and in an effort to keep everyone a safe as possible, Sperline Raekes Law Offices will be closed to the public as of March 24.  However, we know that your legal needs continue, and we are committed to serving those needs, no matter what the circumstances.

We will be taking your calls during normal business hours. You can Click Here to send us an email directly.  We further have the ability to connect with you remotely via telephone, email, and video chat to discuss your legal matters.  We look forward to continuing to serve our clients, and prospective clients, during these challenging times.

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Sperline Raekes Law represents the most vulnerable individuals in personal injury and car accident events; the victims. Victims are the reason why we fight as hard as we do, and we have helped recover over $10-million in damages for our clients in just 5 years. We are all too familiar how the insurance companies operate to deny victim claims, so we work even harder to support our clients and win cases.


In personal injury claims, our personal injury lawyers seek to investigate and find the fine details to get the compensation our clients deserve. We identify how the victim is impacted today, as well as the days, weeks and years ahead. We have expert researchers to help us collect the best evidence and have established professional relationships with medical specialists who can help your case. We know how to spot a weak settlement and can tackle these situations using careful analysis and legal strategy.


Have a great idea and need to get your business going? We help with all aspects of Business Formation including Business Litigation, Real Estate Law and Construction Litigation. By setting up clear business practices we will help you set a solid foundation. Should a conflict arise, we believe in resolving the issue outside of the courtroom whenever possible. We can help you take care of the business you love!



In car accident cases, we work to settle your claim in a clear upfront manner and stand with you throughout the process. These cases can take weeks and even months to resolve. We understand how challenging that is for our clients, so we support you throughout the process and offer guidance and resources to help you through that time. We are expert negotiators and have helped clients win settlements they never thought possible.


Sperline Raekes Law has more than 47 years of experience pouring themselves into cases for victims who had little hope and few resources. When you work with our team of experienced personal injury and auto accident lawyers, you’re hiring experience, professionalism, and empathy. Combine these attributes with our extended legal network and methods, and you have a full-blown team working on your behalf.


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Do you need help with a personal injury case? Were you involved in an unfortunate car accident and need legal advice? Sperline Raekes Law invites you to call or connect with us online, so we can get started on your case immediately. Don’t hesitate, get the information you need today to make the best decision about your legal future.


Attorney at Law

Jeff sees being a lawyer as the unique opportunity to extend a helping hand to his clients to get them through tough times in their lives, making things right again.



Attorney at Law

John’s passion is helping guide clients through the legal maze to bring clarity and resolution, so they can get back to their daily lives while he works towards a satisfying conclusion. 

Recovery Amounts

Sperline Raekes Law Firm has recovered more than $10 million in personal injury recoveries during the past five years.

$5.35 Million


$1.2 Million


$1.1 Million




Let our unequaled knowledge of the insurance industry work for you.